UKG Classix Vol.1

The first six classics of the series are a homage to the early days of the UK Garage. Kicking off with what is believed to be the first UK produced track on the scene, "Feel My Love" by The Jam Experience. The producer behind this track is none other than UK Garage pioneer Matt "Jam" Lamont. The remaining tracks on the mix are also from dance music royalty, with tracks from Grant Nelson, Kathy Brown and a remix from Todd Edwards.

Track List:

1) The Jam Experience - Feel My Love (Original Mix)

2) Sound Of One - As I Am (Todd Edwards N.Y. Dub)

3) Logic - Blues For You (Hard Dub)

4) Hardrive - Deep Inside (Original Mix)

5) Grant Nelson - Rhode House (Original Mix)

6) Kathy Brown - Can't Play Around (M.A.W. Dub)

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UKG Classix Vol.2

The first UKG classic in the mix "Never Gonna Let You Go" by Tina Moore, is perceived as the first 2-Step Garage track produced. The last tune "Ripgroove" by Double 99, was the first UK Garage song to reach the UK Singles Chart in 1997. Voulume two also features tracks from UKG pioneers, Grant Nelson and Danny J Lewis

Track List:

1) Tina Moore - Never Gonna Let You Go (Kelly G Bump-N-Go Dub Edit)

2) Voices Of Life - The Word Is Love (Say The Word) (Kelly "Lets You Go" Mix)

3) Industry Standard - Industry Standard Vol.1 (What You Want)

4) Bump & Flex - Long Time Coming (Big Up Version)

5) Danny J Lewis - Spend The Night (H-Man Mix)

6) Double 99 - Ripgroove (Original Mix)

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UKG Classix Vol.3

Volume three goes back to the roots of UK Garage, featuring tracks from some of the pioneer producers of the scene, including Tuff Jam, Grant Nelson and a remix from Todd Edwards.

Track List:

1) St Germain - Alabama Blues (Todd Edwards Vocal Mix)

2) Mike Dunn Presents The MD X-Spress - God Made Me Phunky (Original Mix)

3) Cloud 9 - Do You Want Me (Club Mix)

4) Tuff Jam Experience - Experience (Classic Garage Mix)

5) Smokin Beats - Dreams (Vocal Club)

6) G.O.D. - Guys & Girls (Original Mix)

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UKG Classix Vol.4

Volume four is kicked off with "Sincere" by UK Garage legend M.J. Cole, and is followed by five other vocal classics in the mix. U.S. R&B artist's K-CI & Jojo also get the UKG treatment from Jeremy Sylvester which helped them to a top 20 hit in the UK Singles Chart.

Track List:

1) MJ Cole - Sincere (Vocal Mix)

2) Tony Momrelle - If You Were Here Tonight (Vocal Mix)

3) K-CI & Jojo - Tell Me It's Real (Club Asylum Steppers Mix)

4) Artful Dodger - Woman Trouble (Original Mix)

5) Lenny Fontana - Spirt Of The Sun (Bump & Flex Vocal Mix)

6) Mis-Teeq - Why (Matt "Jam" Lamont & DJ Face Classic Vox Mix)

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UKG Classix Vol.5

Volume five is a Speed Garage special, a term that was hated on the scene, but was used to excellent effect by major record labels to shift truck loads of CD compilations. The intro track features one of the first UK Garage diva's, Colourgirl. The rest of the mix includes tracks from UK Garage legends such Grant Nelson, Chris Mack and remixes from Todd Edwards and Ramsey & Fen.

Track List:

1) Baffled Feat Colourgirl - Over You (Original Mix)

2) 24 Hour Experience - Together (Original Mix)

3) Chris Mack - Set It Off

4) Gruv’n Disco Affair - You Don’t Want To Lose It (Todd Edwards Reconstruction Mix)

5) Big Bird - Flav

6) Kym Mazelle - Quality (Rafmatt Mix)

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UKG Classix Vol.6

Volume six of UKG Classix is a tribute to Tuff Jam's mixed compilation Underground Frequencies Vol.1 which was released 20 years ago in 1997 and went on to obtain gold sales status. In the mix are the first six songs of the legendary CD compilation, all of which are classics on the UK Garage scene.

Track List:

1) Roy Davis Jr - Gabrielle (Live Garage)

2) Todd Edwards - Push The Love (Original Mix)

3) Tyanda Feat Grace Reed - I Get A Rush (Julian Jonah Dub)

4) Xavier - Tumblin Down (Original Mix)

5) Sneaker Pimps - Spin Spin Sugar (Armand’s Dark Garage Mix)

6) Rosie Gaines - Closer Than Close (Tuff Jam’s Unda-Vybe Remix)

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UKG Classix Vol.7

Volume seven of UKG Classix is a 1998 2-Step special. This is the year when the 2-Step beat came to the forefront on the UK Garage scene, and in this mix are six all time UK Garage classics. For me 98 was one of the best year's for UK Garage, and i'm sure there are enough classics in reserve to do another 1998 2-step special in the future.

Track List:

1) Indo - R U Sleeping (Bump & Flex Vocal)

2) Ramsey & Fen Featuring Lynsey Moore - Love Bug (R.A.F. Bump Mix)

3) N'n'G Featuring Kallaghan - Right Before My Eyes (Club Mix)

4) TJ Cases Featuring Andrea Wright – Cheqdagroove (The Full Ground Mix)

5) M-Dubs Featuring Richie Dan - Over Here (Sugar Shack Break Beat Funk)

6) Brasstooth - Celebrate Life (Original)

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UKG Classix Vol.8

Volume eight UKG Classix is a UK Garage #1s special. In the late 1990s and early 2000s UKG peppered the UK Singles Chart, and this mix features six tracks that went on to reach the very top of the charts.

Also check out our blog post 7 UK Garage Artists That Topped The Singles Chart for an in-depth view into the UK Garage acts that hit the #1 spot in the charts.

Track List:

1) Craig David - Fill Me In (Artful Dodger Bootleg Remix)

2) So Solid Crew - 21 Seconds

3) Daniel Bedingfield - Gotta Get Thru This (Original Test Press)

4) Shanks & Bigfoot - Sweet Like Chocolate

5) 3 Of A Kind - Baby Cakes

6) DJ Pied Piper & MOC - Do You Really Like It

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UKG Classix Vol.9

UKG Classix volume none is a tribute to the “urban powerhouse / radio station / family unit” that is KURUPT FM ("the biggest and baddest pirate radio station in the land").

To celebrate the start of series 4 of the UK Garage mockumentary People Just Do Nothing on the BBC we thought we’d mix together some UKG classics and some tunes from the KURUPT FM boys.

Shout out to the KURUPT FM family, I see's ya!

Track List:

1) KURUPT FM - A Dis One

2) Reservoir Dogs - Buddha Finger

3) KURUPT FM - Get Out The Way

4) Oxide & Neutrino - Bound 4 Da Reload (Casualty)

5) KURUPT FM - Heart Monitor Riddem

6) Genius Cru - Boom Selection

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UKG Classix Vol.10

A Jazz inspired mix of UK Garage classics featuring musical legends such Roy Ayers, Carmen McRae and Incognito, with UK Garage pioneers Grant Nelson, Groove Chronicles and MJ Cole on production and remix duties.

Track List:

1) Incognito - Nights Over Egypt (MJ Cole Remix)

2) Groove Chronicles - Stone Cold

3) Carmen McRae - How Long Has This Been Going On (MJ Cole Remix)

4) Ferry Ultra - Groove Garden

5) 24 Hour Experience - Jazz From The Heart (Old-Skool Re-Edit)

6) Bran Van 3000 Feat. Curtis Mayfield - Astounded (MJ Cole Master Mix)

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UKG Classix Vol.11

Volume eleven is a year 2000 special and a bit of a guilty pleasure mix. Featuring six of my all time favourite UK Garage classics that were all released in the year of the new millennium. This mix features our first tune in the series from UKG pioneer Wookie and one of my favourite Todd Edwards remixes.

Track List:

1) MJ Cole - Crazy Love

2) B-15 Project Feat. Crissy D & Lady G - Girls Like Us

3) Wookie - Battle

4) Jayson Torres - Slow Hand (Sovereign’s Easy Roller Mix)

5) Angie Stone - No More Rain (In This Cloud) (Wookie Vocal Mix)

6) Håkan Lidbo - Walk Away (Todd's 'Walked This Way' Vocal Remix)

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UKG Classix Vol.12

As Twice As Nice celebrate their 25th birthday this year, we thought we would do a tribute mix with 6 UK Garage classics from our favourite Twice As Nice CD mixed by none other than DJ Spoony.

Track List:

1) DB Feat Jo Bryant - Movin On (Original Edit)

2) Logo - You Give Me

3) Groove In Motion - Be The One

4) New Horizons - Sweet DJ Release

5) Jhelisa - Friendly Pressure (From Midnight Mix)

6) Guy S’mone - You’re Mine

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UKG Classix Vol.13

We go classic 2-Step UKG anthems all the way with volume 13 of UKG Classix, with awesome vocals from Gabrielle, Elizabeth Troy, Robbie Craig & Gerideau.

Track List:

1) Gabrielle - Sunshine (Wookie Main Mix)

2) Artful Dodger - Movin’ Too Fast (Artful Dodger Original Mix)

3) Y-Tribe Feat Elizabeth Troy - Enough Is Enough (Original Vox Mix)

4) Robbie Craig & Gerideau - Who’s The Better Man (Godfather Remix)

5) Dreem Teem vs Artful Dodger - It Ain’t Enough (Dub)

6) Brandy & Monica - The Boy Is Mine (B&M Remix)

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UKG Classix Vol.14

Volume 14 of UKG Classix is another Speed Garage special, with tracks from UKG legends such as the Dreem Teem, Scott Garcia and Tuff Jam.

Track List:

1) Dreem Teem - The Theme (Dub Vocal Mix)

2) TJR Feat Xavier - Just Gets Better (TJR Dub)

3) 187 Lockdown - Gunman (Original Mix)

4) Scott Garcia Feat MC Styles - A London Thing

5) Boris Dlugosch Presents Booom - Hold Your Head Up High (Julian Jonah’s Bad Boy Mix)

6) C.J. Bolland - Sugar Is Sweeter (Armand Van Helden’s Drum ’n’ Bass Mix)

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UKG Classix Vol.15

Volume fifteen of UKG Classix is mixture of 2-Step and Four To The Floor anthems, which include some personal favourites of ours.

Track List:

1) Myron - We Can Get Down (Groove Chronicles Remix)

2) Bizzi - Bizzi’s Party (Booker T Vocal Lick)

3) Gass - Dark Side (2as1 & MJ Cole Remix)

4) Same People - Dangerous (Original Mix)

5) Paulo & Rodriguez - Say What (Original Mix)

6) Antonio - I’ll Take You There (Original Mix)

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UKG Classix Vol.16

Volume sixteen of UKG Classix is a Todd Edwards special featuring some of Todd "The God's" early productions.

Track List:

1) Todd Edwards - Saved My Life (Original Mix)

2) Todd Edwards - Dancing For Heaven (Original Mix)

3) Todd Edwards Presents The Messenger - Guide My Soul (12” Extended Version)

4) Todd Edwards - Radio Thing (Original Mix)

5) Todd Edwards - Fly Away (Original Mix)

6) Todd Edwards - What’s His Name (Original Mix)

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UKG Classix Vol.17

It's time for UKG Classix to go Bass n Grime. A mixture of instant New UKG classics and some from the golden of age of UK Garage.

Track List:

1) KURUPT FM - Suttin Like That (Original Mix)

2) So Solid Crew - Dilemma (Original Mix)

3) Big Shaq - Man’s Not Hot (Majestic Remix)

4) Musical Mob - Pulse X (Original Mix)

5) Stormzy - Shut Up (FooR Remix)

6) Cause & Affect - Get To The Chopper (Original Mix)

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UKG Classix Vol.18

Volume eighteen of UKG Classix is packed full of UK Garage legends.

Track List:

1) NnG Feat Rose Windross & MC Creed - Liferide (Original Mix)

2) Colourgirl - Joyrider (Y Tribe's Underground Mix)

3) Sunship Feat Anita Kelsey - Try Me Out (Let Me Lick It)

4) TJ Cases Feat Kat Blu - Do It Again (The Full Ground Mix)

5) Sia - Little Man (Exemen Works)

6) Craig David - Flava (Todd Edwards Dub)

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UKG Classix Vol.19

Volume nineteen of UKG Classix is an MC and bass special.

Track List:

1) DJ Luck & MC Neat - A Little Bit Of Luck (Original Mix)

2) Teebone feat MC Sparks & MC Kie - Fly Bi (Original Mix)

3) Second Protocol - Basslick (Original Mix)

4) The So Solid Crew - Oh No (Sentimental Things)

5) DJ Zinc - 138 Trek (Original Mix)

6) Mark 'Ruff' Ryder - Joy (Original Mix)

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UKG Classix Vol.20

Volume twenty of UKG Classix is a tribute to a record label that helped kick start the whole UK Garage scene, that label is none other than the world famous Strictly Rhythm.

Track List:

1) Aly-Us - Follow Me (Club Mix)

2) The Funk Junkeez - Got Funk? (Da Mongoloids Funktastic Funk Mix)

3) Black Magic - Freedom (Make It Funky) (Color 1 On & On Strong Vocal Mix)

4) Morel Grooves - Let’s Groove (Original Mix)

5) Barbara Tucker - Beautiful People (Original Club Mix)

6) River Ocean Feat India - Love & Happiness (Yemaya Y Ochun) (12" Club Mix)

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UKG Classix Vol.21

We go 2-Step Garage all the way with volume twenty one of UKG Classix.

Track List:

1) Kele Le Roc - My Love (10 Degrees Below Vocal Mix)

2) Shola Ama - Imagine (Asylum Remix)

3) Architechs Feat Nana - Body Groove

4) Monsta Boy Feat Denzie - Sorry! (Didn’t Know)

5) The Wideboys Feat Dennis G - Sambucca (Main Mix)

6) Ed Case Feat Shelly Nelson - Something In Your Eyes (K Warren Mix)

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