UKG Classix Vol.14

We kick off volume fourteen of UKG Classix with The Theme by UK Garage legends the Dreem Teem. Released in December of 1997 on Deconstruction where it would enter the UK Singles Chart at #34, In the same week the Teletubbies would be #1 and Aqua’s song Barbie Girl would be #3 lol! The Theme would also feature in the Dreem Teem’s first Essential Mix for Radio 1 that would be broadcasted on Christmas day in 97.

Next up Just Gets Better is another UK Garage classic released in 1997, produced by TJR, an alias of legendary UKG duo Tuff Jam with Xavier on vocal duty. Just Gets Better was released on Multiply Records in the autumn of 97 and peaked at #28 in the UK Singles Chart. This UK Garage classic would also feature on Tuff Jam’s legendary CD compilation Underground Frequencies Volume 1.

The third track in the mix is 187 Lockdown’s UKG anthem Gunman. Another tune that was released in the autumn of 97 on East West and would enter the UK Singles Chart at #16. Gunman would be re-released in the summer of 98 and would again achieve a top 20 position in the chart.

The next UKG classic A London Thing charted a couple weeks before the previous track Gunman. Produced by UK Garage pioneer Scott Garcia, and featured MC Styles. Gavin Mills another UKG legend would also be part of the production process of A London Thing, a track that became the theme tune of the UK Garage movement at the time, where you even saw people spray painting It’s a London thing on the M4.

Boris Dlugosch Presents Booom - Hold Your Head Up High is the fifth song in the mix. We feature Julian Jonah’s Bad Boy Mix on Volume 14 of UKG Classix (who was also one half of the production duo 187 Lockdown which featured earlier in the mix). Yet another track that was released in autumn of 1997 where it reached #23 in the UK Singles Chart.

Our final UKG classic in the mix is a song that was one of the building blocks’ used to create the UK Garage scene, Sugar Is Sweeter by C.J. Bolland. But it is the remix by dance music legend Armand Van Helden that we are interested in. A true club classic that would make any dance floor in the world shake their booty (I don’t think I have ever heard the original mix lol).

I called this a Speed Garage only because every one of tracks in the mix were featured on a Speed Garage compilation, like any true UK Garage enthusiast I hated the word.

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