UKG Classix Vol.15

We kick our next instalment of UKG Classix with one of the classiest UK Garage tunes their is, the Groove Chronicles remix of Myron’s track We Can Get Down. This UKG anthem is quite a collectors item and fetches a very handsome price on Discogs.

Track #2 is our first Booker T remix to feature on a UKG Classix mix. Bizzi’s Party is probably the hardest tune I had to track down in back in the day, I remember taking my poor mates on a wild goose chase around London trying to find a copy. In the end a full length version was included on Kiss FM’s Lords Of The Underground compilation a few months after our wasted search.

Next up Dark Side by Gass, but it is the 2as1 & MJ Cole that we are interested in. Released on the mighty Public Demand in 1997, and featured on a Garage Nation compilation mixed by UK Garage pioneer Mike "Ruff Cut" Lloyd.

Track #4 is a UK Garage baseline anthem that featured on the same compilation as the previous tune. I remember picking up my copy on Locked On Limited in 1998 from Uptown Records in London’s West End.

Paulo & Rodriguez - Say What is also featured on the Garage Nation compilation (This mix could of been a Garage Nation special). The track was released 1997 on House and Garage label Room Eight Records, but I picked my copy up on a dodgy white label.

The final track is I’ll Take You There by Antonio, who also brought us the UKG classic Hyperfunk. I have heard DJ EZ play I’ll Take You There on a few occasions, so i’m thinking it could be a “Percy” of the UK Garage legend.

Listen to the next volume of UKG Classix here.