UKG Classix Vol.17

It’s time to do a Bass n Grime mix, and we kick off volume 17 of the mix with another instant classic from the boys at KURUPT FM. Suttin Like That also features on KURUPT FM’s compilation The Lost Tape.

Track #2 is Old Skool Garage classic from the So Solid Crew, who were a major influence in creating the Grime scene. Dilemma was on the flip side of the So Solid Crew’s first single Oh No (Sentimental Things) released on Relentless in 2000.

Next up is is song that went viral after the comedian Michael Dapaah appeared on Charlie Sloth's 1Xtra show as "Roadman Shaq". The song now has its own "merch" and even a UKG remix from Majestic.

Track #4 Pulse X by Musical Mob has featured on many Grime and Bassline compilations. Pulse X is widely considered to be the first ever Grime beat and has been described as "year zero" for the genre.

The next tune in mix comes from Grime superstar Stormzy and his song Shut Up. The remix featured comes from UKG legend FooR. Shut Up was Stormzy’s first venture in the top ten of the UK Singles Chart in 2015

The final track in the Bass n Grime mix comes from Cause & Affect, Get To The Chopper samples a famous catchphrase from Arnold Schwarzenegger and bad bassline. The track also features on a mini mix that DJ EZ did for Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show.

Listen to the next volume of UKG Classix here.