UKG Classix Vol.19

We kick off this MC and bass special with the UK Garage classic A Little Bit Of Luck by UKG legends DJ Luck and MC Neat. Released in 1999 on Red Rose Recording and peaked at #9 in the UK Singles Chart on Christmas day.

Track two is UKG anthem Fly Bi by Teebone featuring MC Sparks and MC Kie. Fly Bi was released in the summer of 2000 on EastWest and peaked at #43 in the UK Singles Chart.

Next up is Basslick by Second Protocol, another 2000 release on Eastwest and would peak at #58 in the UK Singles Chart.

Track four is Oh No (Sentimental Things) by the So Solid Crew. Released in 2000 on Relentless Records and was a track that was championed by UK Garage legend DJ EZ. The B side Oh No (Sentimental Things) was the track called Dilemma that featured on volume seventeen on UKG Classix.

138 Trek by DJ Zinc is the next UKG classic in the mix. 138 Trek was a 2000 Ayia Napa anthem and would reached the top 40 of the UK Singles Chart in November 2000. For the geeks out there we ran the mix at 138 beats per minute.

The track in the mix is Joy by Mark ‘Ruff’ Ryder that was originally released on Mark Ryder’s Strictly Underground Records (S.U.R.) in 2000, S.U.R. was a prominent label throughout the UK rave era of 1988 to 1995. Joy would go on to be signed by Relentless Records.

Unfortunately in summer of 2014 MC Sparks, real Sean Jones passed away, as a tribute we dedicate this mix to him, RIP MC Sparks.

Listen to the next volume of UKG Classix here.