UKG Classix Vol.21

We kick off volume twenty one of UKG Classix with My Love by UKG diva Kele Le Roc. The remix featured on this mix is the 10º Below Vocal Mix. My Love was a top 10 hit for Le Roc in the spring of 1999, the track also featured the Twice As Nice In Ayia Napa compilation mixed by DJ Spoony.

The next track is by another UKG diva, Shola Ama and her song Imagine, with the remix coming from Asylum (aka Jeremy Sylvester). Released in the spring of 2000 where it was a top 30 hit in the UK Singles Chart, Imagine would go on to become an Ayia Napa anthem in the summer of 2000 (I should know, I was there on my first boy’s holiday lol).

The third track is also a 2000 Ayia Napa anthem, Body Groove by the Architects featuring Nana. Body Groove would be released on Go Beat and peak at #3 in the UK Singles Chart in the autumn of 2000. I remember first hearing Streetboy from Kiss FM play this classic when I saw him play in Ayia Napa.

Next up is yet another Ayia Napa anthem of 2000, Sorry! (Didn’t Know) by Monsta Boy featureng the vocals of Denzie. Released on UK Garage label Locked On Sorry! (Didn’t Know) would be a top 25 hit in the UK Singles Chart the same week Body Groove hit the charts.

The fifth track is the 2001 Ayia Napa anthem Sambucca by The Wideboys featuring Denis G. I remember picking up my copy of this tune from City Sounds in London, the owner Dave had a copy of the promo edition on Locked On tucked under the counter for me.

The final track is Something In Your Eyes by Ed Case Featuring Shelly Nelson on vocals, with K Warren on remix duties. Something In Your Eyes got a full release in 2000 on Red Rose Recordings and would be a summer anthem in Ayia Napa.

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