UKG Classix Vol.9

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The KURUPT FM family unit kick off volume nine of UKG Classix with their track A Dis One. This Decoy production features the vocalisation of MC Grindah & DJ Beats.

The track is accompanied by a side-splitting video, where the crew encounter some House music agents looking to destroy UK Garage, but fear not the powerhouse that is KURUPT FM has recorded a dub plate that will save the whole scene.

Next up is Buddha Finger by Reservoir Dogs. This UKG classic was released in 2000 and the sample in the track comes from the 1983 Kung-Fu movie Shaolin vs Lama. Buddha Finger was a transitional track where by UK Garage would go dark and eventually spawn Grime music.

Track three is another Decoy production with Beats and Grindah on vocal duties. Get Out The Way is another instant classic from the KURUPT FM crew, where I think the message is someone is getting got, and that someone being Funky.

Bound 4 Da Reload (Casualty) by Oxide & Neutrino is UK Garage classic that went to #1 in UK Singles Chart in April 2000.

The song was first released in 1999 on white label, simply entitled Casualty because of the sample used from the theme tune to the BBC medical drama.

While the record appeared on Top of the Pops in its #1 week, many radio stations refused to play the single because of the sample used from the film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels ("Ah, I've been shot!/I don't fucking believe this, could everyone stop getting shot?”).

The final track on this volume from the KURUPT FM boys is Heart Monitor Riddem. The “parody” is a mixture of UKG, Bass and Banter, that was the signature tune of the third series of People Just Do Nothing.

The UKG classic in the mix is Boom Selection from the Genius Cru. Originally released in 2000 on Scott Garcia’s Kronik Records, and then getting a full commercial release in 2001 on Incentive, a dance label that was set up by Nick Halkes, previously of XL Recordings and Positiva.

Boom Selection would have a five week run in the UK Singles Chart and peak at #12 in the chart in February 2001. Genius Cru’s follow up single to Boom Selection, Course Bruv would also be a top 40 hit in the charts.

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